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When the winter winds begin to howl, the question here in West Michigan isn't if we will get snow, but how much. WCI Snow Management is a facilities services company providing snow plowing, sidewalk clearing, salting and removal services to clients in the Greater Grand Rapids Michigan area for over 25 years. WCI specializes in providing snow management services to companies needing bare pavement during the winter months. 



More than just a snowplowing service, WCI specializes in snow management for commercial businesses. We put together a package to meet your specific needs that will keep yourhigh-traffic business safe and snow-free, giving you the freedom to run your business without having to think about the weather. A site foreman is specifically assigned to your business, and is with you every step of the way. A clean and safe lot is not unintended,it is planned.


At WCI, snow management is our business and customer satisfaction is our goal. It's what will keep you coming back to us each season.


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Services Offered:


Risk Assesment/Management


WCI is a commercial, high traffic store front, snow management company providing bare pavement, or near bare pavement, snow/ice management. Our client list includes companies such as Chase Bank, Independent Bank, Meijer, Goodwill, and many more.


Wagner Contracting, Inc. is pro-active about presenting a risk management plan to be included in our contracts. We feel that the best way to manage snow/ice management risks on your lot are to identify, evaluate, and determine the best way to mitigate or eliminate them. We will walk the lot with you to develop a specific snow management plan for your location and those protocols/plans are the Site Foreman's "marching orders" that will be followed when servicing your lot.


A Site Foreman is assigned to your location, and he is the one that is in charge and services your lot at every occurrence. He quickly becomes familiar with every crack and crevice of your lot which allows the lot to be cleared much more efficiently and quickly than having a different operator every time.


The snow management plan we develop together, will detail out every aspect of the lot as well as customer specific needs. If snow is to be stored on site, a snow storage map will be developed. Priority areas and times will be determined per the customer's needs, i.e. truck docks, employee entrances, etc. A log sheet will be filled out during every operation as well. This sheet will detail out the start/end times, amount of snow that has fallen, equipment used, as well as any causes for concern that may have arisen. This allows the customer, and WCI, to look back on any date to see what took place at that time.


These plans, protocols, and organizations allows WCI to get down to business when a snow storm hits. Each operator has a specific chain of command and knows exactly what to do in every situation. We work directly with the customer to determine their needs, and fulfill them to the greatest extent. When bare pavement matters, WCI is the company you can trust.





Snow Plowing


Whether your lot is large or small, our plowing equipment will get the job done quickly and efficiently. From Straight Blades, to V-Blades, to Pushers Blades, we have you covered.







Sidewalk Clearing


A clear and safe sidewalk is important for any business. Our snow blowers and shovels will make sure your walks are clear of snow and slush.









At WCI, we only use the best de-icing agents to keep your lot hazard free. After determining the customer's needs, the necessary salt type is selected. For larger lots, bulk salt is often chosen, however, smaller lots often require a more delicate approach. That is where our screened and bagged rock salt is the best choice. This allows us to de-ice every corner of your lot with more precision and care. Some sidewalk salts can also be harmful to your business's carpets, rugs, and doors. WCI has products available such as Extreme Melt, which is a calcium chloride sidewalk de-icer, to help minimize the impact to your carpets and rugs. WCI's trained operators, combined with top of the line products, will have your lot cleared and hazard free in no time.








In Michigan, we often get more snow than the typical lot can hold. Snow piles begin to inch further and further into the parking lot, taking up valuable space needed to run your business. WCI has a vast array of skid steers, backhoes, loaders, and dump trucks available to remove and haul all the snow from your lot. Removing the snow from your location will return your lot to nearly pre-winter conditions. Whether you have massive snow piles at every end of your lot, or just one pile, WCI is here to service your needs. WCI takes great care when conducting these removal/hauling operations. The site foreman in charge of your lot if there to guide the loaders and dump trucks to avoid any damage. Curbs are hand shoveled so that the loader bucket does not have to touch the curb when loading the snow, and once the piles are removed, de-icer is spread to insure no slippery conditions exist. Removal/Hauling of snow piles can be a great asset to any business. 







If the removal and hauling of snow piles off site is not an option, stacking may be an efficient alternative. WCI's loaders, backhoes and blowers can stack your snow piles to a much greater height than the normal plow truck. Stacking the snow piles will create additional room on your lot that snow had originally occupied. 


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