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Whether it's a parking lot or a driveway, paving or sealcoating, milling or stripping, Wagner Contracting, Inc. has you covered. With a reputation of quality and decades of experience, it doesn't matter if your asphalt project is big or small, we will be honest and flexible with you.


WCI is outfitted to handle any of your asphalt lot needs. You will be provided with prompt and responsive service for your professional asphalt job.  Our skilled professionals are experts in every area of asphalt paving, including asphalt patching, sealcoating, crack filling, resurfacing, or new construction. WCI's experienced and knowledgeable staff will make sure your project is completed correctly and on time.



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Services Offered:



WCI is available for all of your paving needs. Our professional crews and equipment will get the job done in the most affordable and effective way possible. From driveways, to parking lots, to service roads, WCI can do the job right.






Crack Filling


Crack filling is necessary to strengthen and extend the life your asphalt.  Asphalt cracks happen because of normal wear and tear, as well as weather conditions like sun exposure, snow, and ice.  Cracks allow water, oil, dirt, and plants to grow and break up the asphalt. WCI will clear all the cracks of moisture, oil, dirt, and plant growth before bonding the crack together by applying a compound.  Crack filling slows down the expansion of asphalt cracks, and extends the life of your asphalt.







Have old looking asphalt, but don't want to have it repaved? Sealcoating not only protects your asphalt, it gives it that "like new" look. Having this service preformed will protect your asphalt from the weather, as well as save you money. Sealcoating is a necessity to prolong the life of your asphalt.








WCI is equipped to handle all of your parking lot striping needs, and will provide you with professional layouts with clean cut, straight lines, and signage.







Milling & Recycling


When asphalt lots are in rough shape, sometimes it is necessary to have them completely removed. WCI will grind up your old asphalt and is even able to reuse the grounded material for grading. Whether you need your asphalt removed to have it repaved, or just plain need the asphalt gone, WCI will get the job done quickly and efficiently.








 From small holes to huge crevices, WCI can patch it. Potholes can become a pain in any asphalt lot or road. Instead of replacing the entire lot, WCI can patch the hole saving you time and money. Asphalt will be brought in, the patch made, and then compacted to meet the same grading of the existing asphalt.






Worksite Preparation


Before any asphalt can be laid, the worksite has to be ready. From excavating, to grading, WCI has the equipment and crews needed for necessary proper preparation. We will talk with you to determine your needs and wants, develop a design and plan, and complete all excavating, removal, grading, and clean up. Our experienced crews will make sure your asphalt job goes according to plan.

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