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WCI can provide nearly any exterior service you are looking for. If you want and need the job done by a professional, experienced company, Wagner Contracting is your one stop shop for anything from masonry cleaning to excavation. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff will work with you to determine your exact needs, and present you with quick, efficient, and professional options. The management of exterior services is a continually job. WCI will help you every step of the way and take the burden off of your shoulders.



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Services Offered:

Pressure Washing


Dirt, oil, and grime are continually attacking your sidewalks, siding, and anything else that is exposed. Having your building and sidewalks cleaned, or anything else for that matter, can improve its condition immensely. Our gas powered pressure washers can clean a multitude of surfaces ranging from delicate to coarse, and have them looking new in no time at all. Whether it needs soap, bleach, or just plain water, WCI's experienced crews will have the job done right.




Masonary Cleaning


Have a new or old brick building or structure in need of cleaning? WCI's professional masonry cleaning crews can service your needs. With new brick buildings, often times the Mason who built the structure will leave clumps of mortar on the wall, as well as a variety of other substances to make the building look unprofessional. WCI uses a special blend of cleaning solutions and sealants to have your building looking clean and protected.  Our crews will have your new or old structure looking great in no time.








A great paint job can make a huge difference to the value of your property. Whether the structure is large or small, WCI's professional paint crews will surpass your expectations. 






Gutter Cleaning


Leaves, sticks, nuts, and all sort of debris can clog the gutters running atop and alongside your building. When this happens, water can no longer properly flow and drain to the necessary areas; which can cause a multitude of problems from mold and mildew to a collapsed roof. WCI's crews can completely clear all of your gutters and have them working good as new.








WCI's fleet of equipment and experienced crews can complete any of your excavation needs. From the digging of a fire pit to the foundation of a commercial building, WCI's professional and knowledgeable crews  are here to help. Our skid steers, backhoes, loaders, excavators, and dump trucks can handle any sized job.









Have a building or parking lot you need to get rid of? WCI can have it demolished and removed. Our equipment and crews will tear down and break up the existing structures and have the site ready for your next project.





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