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About Us


Our Company


WCI has been in business since 1982. We are licensed in the State of Michigan and are a Michigan corporation in good standing. Our client list includes an array of companies in the greater Grand Rapids area, including large corporations, local strip malls, and storefront sites. Chase Bank has been a devoted customer for more than 15 years, as has Meijer, Inc. for over 18 years. We have also been providing quality service to Spartan Stores, Independent Bank locations, Goodwill Stores, and Celebration Cinemas for well over 4 years.


Our Training Philosophy


The backbone of our company is good equipment, skilled operators, and management. To further this, WCI established a three-year training program for new operators. Their skills are honed under our exclusive, direct supervision.


To keep things running smoothly, WCI has an equipment readiness and maintenance program, meaning all our equipment is ready and available to run round-the-clock during the snow season.


Our Managment Structure 


WCI's greater Grand Rapids service area is divided into four sections designated as NE, NW, SE, and SW sections.  Foremen are assigned to manage each section and site foremen along with the operators are assigned to certain accounts within a section, such as banks, shopping centers, and office complexes.  All operators within a section are available to act as a back-up for other operators in our network. This enables us to offer our 20-minute response time during emergency weather situations, and means our customers are never left waiting for service.


Because our operators know their accounts, they are efficient. They do the work when the customer and the weather requires it. Not when someone can get to them. 


The WCI phones are manned round-the-clock during the snow season. Our communications link puts us in immediate contact with our foremen and operators, so clients who request additional service receive it promptly. Each job is marked as complete only after the customer has been serviced.


Our dedicated staff, operators, and foremen love this business. The importance we place on doing a job well and meeting your needs is the definition of customer satisfaction.  We do the job right, the first time!

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