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Wagner Contracting, Inc. provides first class, professional lawncare and landscaping services. Our more than competent and experienced crews, along with a variety of services, will have your lawn and landscaping looking great all season long.


At WCI, we are dedicated to providing you with the best products and services available. We strive to provide personalized lawncare and landscaping services specifically tailored to each client. You will never be disappointed in the quality of our work. Your lawn and landscaping is an investment that requires the proper type and level of care; WCI will provide your investment with the care it needs and deserves.


Each project begins with a unique custom design that combines our knowledge and ideas with your wants and needs. Our company goes to great lengths to make sure that each customer is provided with the service their project requires. Whether we are managing the lawncare or designing, building, and installing an entirely new landscape, WCI's professional specialists strive to do their very best to provide the highest quality customer service and communication.


If you are looking for a facility services company that provides professional services and gets the job done right the first time, look no further than WCI. We are available to invest the time necessary to care for our customers and their lawncare/landscaping needs. We work to achieve the highest quality results.





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Lawn Mowing


WCI's highly trained and qualified lawncare crews will keep your yard looking great all season long. Whether your property needs to be maintained once a month, once a week, or once a day, WCI will provide the highest quality service available.






Landscape Design & Build


Quality and customer satisfaction are our main focus. We will design a landscape plan that combines our knowledge and ideas with your needs and wants. The design will be built and executed with the highest quality products, plants, and workmanship all while being performed by experienced, professional, and courteous crews.








Having a beautiful lawn is a huge part of many landscape plans. Whether you decide to hydroseed or have sod installed, WCI only uses the highest quality materials that will have your lawn looking healthy and strong.







Custom Brickwork/Hardscapes


Looking for a unique, custom addition to your property? Custom hardscapes make a great addition to any landscaping. Using the newest design ideas, and highest quality materials, we can create and install patios, walkways, outdoor kitchen areas, fire pits, steps, and many more.





Underground Sprinkling


Tired of your lawn turning brown from lack of water? How about having to continually water your lawn by hand? With an underground irrigation system you will never have to worry about that again. An underground sprinkling system is the easiest way to keep your yard and plants green and healthy all season long. Included are automatic settings so you can be sure your yard will get the proper amount of water it needs, when it needs it.






Underground Drainage


Excess water on your property without proper drainage can be a big concern. Having proper drainage installed can return your property to its proper condition. WCI can install French/Trench drains, as well as tile drains, to alleviate the problem. This will allow excess water to properly drain, and prevent it from becoming a problem.






Professional Lighting


Installing professional landscape lighting can allow you to enjoy your landscaping just as much at night as during the day. Not only does landscape lighting beautify your home, it adds additional safety and security. You can use lighting to illuminate your home, trees, plants, walkways and driveways.  Having lighting installed around a pool area or backyard deck is great for nighttime gatherings as well. WCI's landscaping lighting will be specifically tailored to fit your unique design to ensure your complete satisfaction. 





Retaining Walls


Retaining walls cannot only add great functionality to your property, but great beauty as well. Functionally, these walls are used to stabilize slopes and prevent erosion from harming landscape and plant areas. While being functional, these walls can be an attractive addition to your property. Beautifully designed bricks and rocks that come in a variety of options will have your retaining wall looking great.






Tree Trimming/Removal


Having a dead tree removed and replaced can make a huge difference to your property. Whether you need an entire tree removed, limbs cut down, or just a few branches trimmed, WCI takes tremendous care to make sure the job is done right. 






Shrub Trimming/Removal


WCI's trained landscape crews will make sure your shrubs and bushes are trimmed to the appropriate length at all times. If you need a shrub or bush removed or replaced, we can do so quickly and efficiently. 









Proper fertilization is essential for a healthy, strong, and green lawn. WCI can tailor a specific fertilization plan to your wants and needs ranging from applications once a season, to once a month. Our experienced and qualified professionals will have your lawn looking great all Summer long.






Pest Control/Insecticides


Grubs and insects can be a nuisance to any property. With the proper applications, these nuisances can be controlled. WCI can provide one time applications, as well as scheduled applications in order to get your insect problem under control.







Weed Control


Much like fertilizing, weed control is necessary for a healthy lawn and landscaping area. Our crews can provided your landscape areas with the type of weed control they need from liquid spraying to the hand picking of weeds.






Flower Displays & Pruning


WCI can install uniquely designed flower displays for your home or business. These displays will add vibrant colors that will greatly increase your property's aesthetic value.  We provide routine pruning to these displays in order to promote the continued growth and health of the plant.







The addition of new mulch each year is a must for any home or business. WCI will come, remove and haul off all old mulch, and install new mulch with the color of your choice. We only use the best quality products and always clean up our mess.





Indoor Plants & Planters


Not only can WCI service the areas outside of your property, we can also install plants on the inside. After determining  your wants and needs, WCI will design and install planters within the interior of your building. Having interior plants can create great value for your property. WCI can maintain these plants by watering and pruning them on a regularly scheduled basis.





Services Offered:

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